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HUNT Dimming. 50 years of dimming

HUNT Dimming has been a quality manufacturer of architectural dimming systems since 1960. We understand that what you want is not always what others are able to provide. This is why we manufacture a full line of dimming solutions that are flexible in design to meet your needs…from our state-of-the-art Simplicity® digital systems that answer the most demanding of architectural and energy management needs, including sophisticated closed-loop daylighting applications…to simple, easy-to-understand analog slides for basic dimming applications. We also offer small, high-powered, modular “mini-systems” that give great value when the simplicity of single-point-of-control is desired. And, of course, we stock more than 200 specialty and hard-to-find wallbox dimmers that ship same-day.

Buy American Act Compliant Dimmers & Lighting Controls

Buy American Compiant Dimmers & Controls

Dimmers that are REALLY Made in USA

HUNT Dimming exclusively manufactures in the United States our extensive line of Simplicity® LED and legacy dimmers for use with many controllable LED drivers & lamps, including hard-to-find 277V dimmers.

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Simplicity® LED Dimmer

For use in Daylighting and with LED Drivers & Lamps

HUNT Dimming manufactures an extensive line of LED dimmers for use with most controllable LED Drivers & Lamps.

These LED dimmers provide linear lighting control from 100% to 1% of rated lumen output and are available in single-pole or 3-way designs for both 120V and 277V applications and new offerings in Low-Voltage Override Control with Momentary ON.

Simplicity® LED Dimmers are specification-grade, present slide wallbox dimmers for use in any premium performance application.

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Popular Dimming Solutions from HUNT

The following Simplicity® Brochures are available for download:

New Momentary ON PhotoSlide™ 24VDC, Class 2 Override Lighting Control
PhotoSlide™ Daylighting Systems
LED Dimmers for use with LED drivers & lamps
Digital Dimming Systems Simple Solutions to Your Complex Dimming Problems
Electronic Fluorescent Dimming Controls for use with compatible 0-10V and Phase-Control dimming ballasts
Lighting Controls for architectural & standard wallbox light dimmers & fan speed controls for specification-grade applications